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Thursday, January 10, 2013

K9 Search is called off today

Thank you for your prayers and concern for both Holly and her family. The specialized K9 search team was stopped this afternoon due to inconclusive results. Her sent trail was found but was splintered by the amount of tracks / traffic that carried her scent in different directions. There where three specific locations that the team noted. One being a bus stop location, a cemetery and a dumpster. No evidence was found indicating what has happened to Holly. The full report from the team leader will be sent out in the next couple of days. The team will pass on their findings to the local police. Our search for Holly Berry continues. On a positive note, due to the contributions you all have made, Holly's Mom will be able to pay for the search that was conducted today. I want to personally thank everyone that has called, e-mailed, passed on information and donated. I cannot thank you enough! We will continue to search and wait for the next avenue to pursue.


  1. May I speak with you in private?

  2. You may send me an email to the address I sent above.