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Tuesday, March 12, 2013


On March the 3rd Jay and I were required to clean out Holly's apartment. The rules of the facility stated that 60 days was the longest permitable time for a client to vacate an apartment before it must be cleaned and given to someone else. Since she disappeared on January 3rd, March 3rd was our last possible day. We were going to stay there and make a three day project of it, but folks advised us to get help and do the move quickly to avoid subjecting ourselves to ever more pain. I had been back to the apartment several times since her disappearance, but Jay had not. It was extra hard on him. It was indeed trying, touching her clothes and all her precious little things that she took such good care of, but God gave us grace. Someone from Project Hope offered to take care of her plants incase she might be found. Very sweet of her. Everything was put in storage for the next 6 months. At that time if she hasn't been found we will make another decision as to what to do with her belongings. Laura, Donna, and Crystal from Project Hope, an outreach to the homeless, willingly showed up to give us a hand and we got it done in one day. Bless them! When they were done they went out on yet another search for Holly on a recommendation from someone. This is an ongoing process with them and the police and we are grateful to both for extending their searches and efforts over time for Holly. In fact, each organization has stated they will not stop looking until she is found. The police will leave this as an open case indefinately. Project Hope simply will not give up. Tami Bray, apartment manager, took some of the food from Holly's freezer and using the common area facilities made Hawaiian chicken for the whole of the clientel that lives in the apartment complex. These are Holly's friends. They had a little celebration in her honor. It seemed fitting since one of Holly's favorite places to live was Hawaii from the time she was 13 until she was 22 and again for another year in her late 20's. She loved the flowers of Hawaii and belonged to a Halau for 4 years where she danced hula and just loved it. A church in Hawaiian Ocean View Estates where Holly attended a youth group for some time has recently made a donation of $638.00. This brings our total very close to the next increment of $3,000 needed to increase the reward for discovering her whereabouts. Thank you all for your concern over her, your prayers, thoughts, contributions, and physical searches. All of your efforts show us how much Holly was loved and cared about. Pearl Maxner, Holly's Mother

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  1. God Bless you Pearl. God Bless your whole family! We love you so much and would do anything for any of you. You have become family to us.